Offer stable retail traffic with good rate and flexible payments.$$$$$$$$$$

  • Listed: January 12, 2019 9:12 am
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We allow small credit limit and support local payment, twice a week flexable payment .


Huge RETAIL traffic to with best rate:

Bangladesh 880*

Ethiopia 251*

Nepal 977*

Nigeria 234 *

Afghanistan 93*

Sri Lanka 94 *

Indonesia 62*

Philliphiness 63*

India 91*

Pakistan 92*

Tunisia 216 * etc.


PAK support UBL BANK acount.


twice a week & support local payments.

BD support BRAC BANK account.


If you have route and wanna make big bucks, I am the one who can help you !


☞Natalie Lin ☜

What’s App/Wechat/:+8613715985640


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