Seeking DIRECT NON CLI ROUTE PROVIDER for Yemen,Guyana,Albania,Kuwait,Sudan,Chad,Nicaragua.. . ***Add me on Skype: justinryan_acs and send me your offer by***

  • Listed: August 24, 2015 12:42 pm
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Dear Direct Routes Provider,

This is JUSTIN RYAN from American Call Shop Corporation. Add me on Skype: justinryan_acs and send me your offer by

American Call Shop Corporation is a fast developing prominent VoIP service solution provider located in USA. It has the global reputation to deal with A – Z termination. We are looking for some good quality and stable non-cli routes and also dealing with millions of traffic on daily basis as well. Average traffic volume for everyday is 80k.

Huge traffic for below African mention destinations/Routes:

Nigeria,Morocco ,Sudan, Algeria , Senegal ,Kenya ,Tanzania ,Cameroon ,Burkina Faso , Benin, Tigo, Tunisia , DR Congo , Zimbabwe , Mozambique , Madagascar,Sierra Leone , Egypt , Libya ,Ivory Coast , Gabon ,Congo ,Guinea ,Eritrea ,Somalia ,Ethiopia , Angola ,Ghana ,Uganda ,Chad, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Gambia.

Huge traffic for below mention European destinations/routes:
Ukraine,Germany , Belarus ,Albania ,Romania ,Serbia ,Monaco ,Portugal ,Azerbaijan , Bulgaria ,Bosnia & Her :, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Macedonia

Huge traffic for below mention Latin American Destinations/Routes:

Peru , Venezuela ,Chile ,Guatemala , Ecuador ,Cuba ,Dominican Republic ,Honduras , Nicaragua ,El Salvador ,Costa Rica, Panama

Huge traffic for below mention Asian Destinations/Routes:
Afghanistan , Bahrain, India,Indonesia , Iran ,Iraq ,Jordan ,Kazakhstan ,Kuwait ,Kyrgyzstan ,Laos , Lebanon ,Philippine ,Maldives ,Mongolia ,Nepal , Oman ,Saudi Arabia ,Sri Lanka ,Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates ,Uzbekistan ,Vietnam ,Yemen.

also instant live traffic for non cli routes from A-Z destination..ADD ME SKYPE> justinryan_acs & SEND OFFER BY Email:

Department of Sales
Skype ID: justinryan_acs
Company Details :
American Call Shop Corporation
3401 57th street, 2nd floor
Wood side, NY 11377
Hot Line : 1-646-918-5145

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