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USA CC and Canada CC 197k Codes

January 7, 2019

Hello We are offering USA and Canada CC with 197k Codes High Quality Route. 24*7 Support offered. Aggresive Rate . Limited Ports Contact: skype: Dial2voip

High Quality 86CLI passing 861xxxxx ANI Available

November 26, 2018

Dear We are offering High Quality 86CLI Passing 861xxxxxx ANI . Skype: Dial2voip

86cli Passing 861xxxxxxx ANI Available

November 20, 2018

Dear We are offering 86cli Stable and Quality Route passing 861xxxxxxxxx ANI. Please feel free to contact us for testing skype: Dial2voip

86cli通过861xxxxxx ANI

November 19, 2018

我们有86cli通过861xxxxx ANI。稳定和优质的路线 Skype:dial2voip

86cli Passing 861xxxxxxxx ANI

November 13, 2018

亲 我们提供86cli通过861xxxxxxxANI。稳定的路线 Skype:dial2voip

We Need New Zealand CC CLI

October 31, 2018

Dear all We are looking for NZ CC CLI . Please contact me if you are offering NZ CC CLI skype: dial2voip

86CLI Passing 861xxxxxxxxxx ANI Available .

October 31, 2018

Dear all We are offering 86cli passing 861xxxxxxxxx ANI . High Quality and Stable Line We are also offering 86CC CLI , 60 CLI , 60 CC CLI , +1 CC CLI , 61 CC CLI , 84 CC , 852 CC Skype: dial2voip

86Cli passing all ANI 861xxxxxxxxxx

October 25, 2018

我们提供86CC CLI,+ 1CC CLI,61CC CLI,60 CC CLI,852 CC CLI,84 CC CLI,具有良好的回调百分比ping我如果你想测试和86 CLI传递所有ANI Skype: dial2voip


October 18, 2018

Hello We are looking for 86cli all ANI Pass Route . We have good traffic . Please contact me on skype: dial2voip


September 30, 2018

Dear Friends We are offering USA CC CLI Covering 176K Codes . We also offer USA Callback Route Skype: dial2voip

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