Yemen (+967) (39)

YX Telecom selling routes!

December 5, 2018

Dear partner, This is Coco from YX company. We are urgently looking for Yemen cli traffic. Please contace me if you have traffic. Skype: zhongzqcoco Whatsapp:+8618312265012

Looking for ncli, cli retail tdm route

November 29, 2018

Hello we are looking for voip routes . can you share with me which route you have ncli/cli/TDM/Retail Skype : Whats app : +4407520640604 Looking for Asian , African , American , European : ncli , cli , TDM, Retail routes Skype : Jayden ...

Yemen, gsm terminator

November 6, 2018

Yemen, gsm terminator

Ahmed gurie, Aden

November 6, 2018

Needs quality channels

Have Live traffic for Yemen route

October 24, 2018

Yemen MTN ,SABA,yemen need for 20k live Retail traffic Skype : Jayden Farley Manager - Business Relation Ray Corporation Ltd. Skype ID: E-Mail: Office:+ 44 (0) 1612480266 Fax: +44 (0) 1618500155

Have Live traffic

September 3, 2018

Looking Route for live traffic : Mali All 15k chad all 30k Guatemala All 50k Jamaica All 40k Afgan All 100k Cameroon orange /mtn 25k Tunisia All 40k Benin mtn 15k ghana mtn 10k Uganda mtn for retail 12k algeria ALl retail 10k Ghana mtn 10k nicagua 8k eretria 8k cameroon 8k sudan 10...

Specifical to the SIM Blocking , Out of the headache of Low ...

August 30, 2018

we have sk gateway avaiable for reducing blocking One port with 4 816 sims and work rotate intercalling function,human behavior autometically IMEI change and base station change 16-6416-12816-25632-12832-25632-512 models available Can you contact us if you are still looking for this service?...

Efficiently lower sim block

August 29, 2018

Hello everyone Our sk gateway on discount nowadays if you want to start voip business or expand your ports,kindly let me know I can offer you the best price and best technical support for free. Sk16-64,32-128,32-256,32-512 gsm gateway Features: 1.Efficiently lower sim block with simulating hum...

Looking for following NCLI routes Pak ncli 9230/9231/9232/92...

Looking for following NCLI routes Pak ncli 9230/9231/9232/9233/9234 BD NCLI Ethiopia Egypt Huge Traffic Direct Vendors Please contact Skype : live:chinaskylineelina Whatsapp:+86 18128584810 E-mail:

Looking for Long time Business Relation

July 24, 2018

Looking Route for live traffic : Suadi All 100k Bd all 100k pak all 100k Oman all 20k Qutar all 30k lenanon all 20k yemen all 20k retail Iran all 500k Mali All 15k chad all 30k Afgan All 100k Cameroon orange /mtn 25k Tunisia All 40k Benin mtn 15k ghana mtn,voda,airtel,tigo 40k Skyp...

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