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Discover MediaCore Lite!Built from the core of one of the most powerful SBC’s, Speedflow is very proud to offer to VoIP transit providers a new cost-effective platform – MediaCore Lite. All the positives from MediaCore SBC are wrapped in a package that will help smaller companies achieve a flawless VoIP management – same quality, same support, reduced investments! Save money while winning clients – try MediaCore Lite!

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Business VoIP solutions from Voicebuy

November 4, 2015
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Dear customer,

We are pleased to inform you, that we have changed our product portfolio, and from now on will be concentrating more on providing business VoIP solutions to small and medium size business enterprises. Starting September 2015 we are offering our customers a full package of small business VoIP solutions, including:

VoIP DID numbers. With Voicebuy DID Numbers you can establish the presence of your company in as many countries as you like by getting local numbers of that country. You can order from Voicebuy regional, toll free and mobile numbers of more than 60 countries. Read more:

The IP PBX technology offered by Voicebuy will enable customers to create an own small business phone system. By acquiring Voicebuy free hosted PBX, customers will be offered such indispensable features like Call Forwarding,  Answering mode, CLI Management, Forwarding to Skype, etc.  More about Voicebuy virtual PBX features you can read here:

Voicebuy Mobile Dialer – is a software application for those who use mobile phones for making and receiving VoIP calls, i.e. making calls over the Internet directly from mobile phones.  The app is completely free and is compatible with any operating system based mobile phones: iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Read more:

Voicebuy offers small and medium size business enterprises widely accepted options for making international calls – Calling Card, Call Back and Pinless, all operated and assisted with IVR. Read more:

And of course we continue to offer our customers wholesale VoIP terminationSwitch Partitioning solution – to customers and/or carriers, that wish to establish own ITSP services without serious investments and hardware installations,  SIP Trunking, and the unique and feature-rich private label VoIP Reseller Program.

Along with the newly released services Voicebuy launched a new user interface, which makes possible to set up and instantly manage all your preferred services, having at the same time an overview over the account balance, call history, payment history, etc.

And last but not least, we have redesigned our website and hope, that our visitors will appreciate the easy navigation and user friendly design of the site.

Thank you for using our services!


Voice Trader LLC

19C Trolley Square
Wilmington, Delaware 19806
United States
Tel: +1 (646)517-5050
Europe Number: +3228888994

Voicebuy Wholesale VoIP Service Provider’s Products and Features

In this article we shall tell you about Voicebuy – a leading wholesale VoIP termination and origination provider, offering VoIP wholesale services worldwide . Voicebuy’s popularity started to grow when in 2011 it was acquired by US based VoiceTrader LLC from Lisvex Inc. Voicebuy is focusing on providing small and medium VoIP providers with faster and automatic wholesale VoIP termination process. Because of its success and popularity, Voicebuy cooperates currently with more than 100 vendors in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa.

In 2013 a team of Telecom professionals began working for discovering a functionally new VoIP system package. In 2015 Voicebuy introduced its new package of small business VoIP solutions, which specially target small and medium companies and make the communications less costly and more effective.

Here are some of the main services, which Voicebuy is offering you:

Free Hosted PBX – with Voicebuy free hosted PBX systems you can create extensions and adjust the PBX settings in accordance with your needs and requirements.

IP PBXVoicebuy business VoIP solutions offer you maximum flexibility in managing your communications. PBX extension settings can be managed using the three settings groups: Forwarding, Answering Mode and CLI Management. There are another set of IP PBX indispensable features like Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Hunt Grouping, Call Parking, etc.

DID numbers – acquire local numbers of any country in the world and “have” your company offices there without physically being present.

Voicebuy MobileDialer – special software developed by Voicebuy, which makes calling and speaking through Voicebuy as easy as possible.

Voicebuy also provides small and medium size business enterprises Calling cards, Callback and Pinless services for making international calls.

The importance of Cloud based Communication Systems is growing nowadays, so it is time to invest in the revolutionary VoIP technology and feel the difference. Voicebuy will help you establish you VoIP communications and will help you to enter into the world of 21 century level communications.

Start using Voicebuy services now and compare your former and new monthly fees as well as feel the improvement along all your communication lines. Voicebuy continuous seeks new communication solutions that will guarantee your success because success begins with efficient communication.

Contact information

Voice Trader LLC
19C Trolley Square
Wilmington, Delaware 19806
United States

Tel: +1 (646) 517-5050
Fax: +1 (646) 517-5050
Europe Number: +3228888994

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Dialcom now offers a carrier grade Class 4 Switch

February 9, 2015
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Managed switch and billing


You can now elevate your wholesale business to a complete new level by taking advantage of our revolutionary Class 4 solution which is bundled with the Jerasoft VoIP Carrier Suite. The solution which is hosted within the frameworks of Amazon Web Services is capable of being delivered from any Amazon Web Services region, allowing carriers to have their solution close to their home market.

Our solution is for you if you are in the growth phase and would like to take advantage of additional features which are not available on your existing platforms. Whilst a lot of the technical jargon may not mean much to some, this integrated solution which takes the best of all by allowing you to run your business at the click of a few buttons. You will never need to run any process manually in your wholesale business ever again! We include dynamic routing, integrated billing, revenue assurance system, session border controller functionality, on hard to believe terms.

An additional feature of our solution allows you to run and deliver termination within the US as we include our complex NPANXX routing engine and allow you to dip for LRN at no extra charge.

We are pleased to offer you:
- free training
– regular updates
– 24/7 NOC support
– dedicated instances within the Amazon Web Services environment

We are confident that you will love our solution so much that you will not look beyond our offering.

If you are interested in elevating your business and would like a partner that is committed to contributing to your bottom line, feel free to contact us via e-mail or

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