Small Business VoIP Solutions

VoIP services has resulted in radical changes for business communication, spanning from services like DID numbers to Cloud PBX, all these services exploit the nuances of high-speed broadband Internet connections. Voicebuy thrives to be the market leader in providing VoIP solutions and brings to table ease of use and its inherent capabilities in rendering hosted IP PBX services. Whether you are running a home-based venture, or if you are an enterprise customer, our wide range of VoIP services empowers you to unbridle the potential of the Internet to revamp your communications. We, at Voicebuy render solutions to make sure that once your VoIP phones are up and running, they work competently and commendably to accomplish your business requirements.

Small Business VoIP solutions

What makes Voicebuy stand out from its peers is the multitude of VoIP solutions the firm has packed for the users – DID Numbers, Mobile Dialer, Free hosted PBX, IP PBX, Cloud PBX to name a few.

DID numbers – DID numbers are virtual numbers that help users to route calls to existing telephone services. We offer our services to more than 60 countries around the globe.

Mobile Dialer – Voicebuy’s trailblazing mobile dialer application enable calls to be made on 3G/4G/WiFi on smartphones. Gadgets like Android, iPod, iPad, iPhone etc. are compatible with our Mobile Dialer application.

Free Hosted PBX – Leave the hassles of running and managing your telephone system to us. Our Hosted PBX system would let you to get in touch with remote offices, teleworkers and travelling employees through an all-in-one phone system.

Cloud PBX – For industries setting up a VoIP platform for the first time or deliberating about leaving the prevailing on-premises system, shift to the cloud PBX services delivered by VoiceBuy may be the answer. With our reliable PBX parachute, you can protect your telephone system from mishaps and adversities by migrating to the cloud.

Features and goodies

Features like forwarding, hunt groups, music on hold, group pick up feature, intercom, call parking, calling cards and call back comes as standard in VoIP PBX offerings. Along with these full-blown VoIP services, Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider also renders services like Call screening, International Direct Dialing, International Callback service, Voicemail and Do not Disturb.

Forwarding – Call may be forwarded to another destination if the called extension is in another call or unable to pick the call.

Hunt Groups – This feature assists you in managing high call volumes by initiating multiple phones to ring, concurrently or in an order you want it to be.

Music on Hold – User can even upload the audio files to be used as music on hold.

Group pickup feature – If call is ringing in one disk, and another desk owners wants to pick the call, it can be realized by making use of group pickup feature.

Intercom – Intercom calls can be of great importance especially during announcements.

Call Parking – You may even enable call parking which could be later picked up at a remote destination.

Calling Cards – International VoIP calls can be placed irrespective of the country where you are located.

Call Back – If you are using a slow internet connection, you can still place and receive VoIP calls which can be really helpful in case of long distance calls.

More reasons to set your business apart

Local, international and toll-free numbers

Firms can integrate local, mobile and toll-free numbers from more than 60 countries, bestowing them a de facto local presence throughout the globe. We have our presence felt in key countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and the list keeps on rolling. For any organization which is looking forward to give a boost to the customer base, toll-free number can prove to be a remarkable asset.

Users can scale up to as many phones as required, as the Voicebuy VoIP system have room for your requirements. We, at Voicebuy boasts of top-notch voice quality and effortless set up process. Voicebuy is boosted by admirable help and support options. FAQ section, tutorials and user guides makes sure that you can continue to use our VoIP solutions effortlessly.

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