Dialcom now offers a carrier grade Class 4 Switch

Managed switch and billing


You can now elevate your wholesale business to a complete new level by taking advantage of our revolutionary Class 4 solution which is bundled with the Jerasoft VoIP Carrier Suite. The solution which is hosted within the frameworks of Amazon Web Services is capable of being delivered from any Amazon Web Services region, allowing carriers to have their solution close to their home market.

Our solution is for you if you are in the growth phase and would like to take advantage of additional features which are not available on your existing platforms. Whilst a lot of the technical jargon may not mean much to some, this integrated solution which takes the best of all by allowing you to run your business at the click of a few buttons. You will never need to run any process manually in your wholesale business ever again! We include dynamic routing, integrated billing, revenue assurance system, session border controller functionality, on hard to believe terms.

An additional feature of our solution allows you to run and deliver termination within the US as we include our complex NPANXX routing engine and allow you to dip for LRN at no extra charge.

We are pleased to offer you:
– free training
– regular updates
– 24/7 NOC support
– dedicated instances within the Amazon Web Services environment

We are confident that you will love our solution so much that you will not look beyond our offering.

If you are interested in elevating your business and would like a partner that is committed to contributing to your bottom line, feel free to contact us via e-mail [email protected] or http://www.dialcom.cc

About Dialcom

Dialcom is the first telecommunication company that is built on trust, expertise and common sense that the majority of similar companies do not think important in a mostly technical environment. Founded in in 2013, Dialcom has been on the way to perfection by constantly supporting and delivering top-class solutions for International A-Z Wholesale Voice, Call Center Termination, Hosted SoftSwitch and Billing to hundreds of telecommunication providers around the world. We continuously strive to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality, reliability and interoperability that enable them to maximize end-user value. Our culture of continuous improvement and innovation has brought about unprecedented growth in the life of Dialcom that now enables us to be interconnected with most Tier-1 carriers globally, thus giving us the privilege to deliver a total solution to our customers in a cost-efficient and time-sensitive manner. Our innovative approach is visible through our place at the forefront of the market consolidation and technology advancement. Our partners have over 35 years of combined industry experience within the telecom industry which we are not only proud of but consider as tokens of excellence that attest to the work we do here at Dialcom.

Lately, we have also invested in other globally acclaimed companies to acquire retail customer bases within different ethnic market segments around the world. Our promise to our retail customers is that they will always get fair pricing with no hidden charges and a promise to deliver over and above of what our competitors have to offer.

Dialcom has been established on the foundations of common sense and a deeper understanding of the needs of customers. When our friends told us what they were paying for telecom services, we knew they were being overcharged. At the outset, the opportunity sounded fantastic but our values told us better, and we showed them what the services should really be worth. With a passionate and creative team of professionals at our disposal, Dialcom has become a telecommunications company that now prides itself on extensive experience building, designing and running carrier networks so that our partners may remain competitive in their respective market segments. With Dialcom, there is no such thing as impossible.

Dialcom Inc.
Tel: +852 5808 5861
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.dialcom.cc

February 9, 2015 11:15 am

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