What is a SIP Threat Management Device (STM)?

By Allo.com You may be familiar with UTM – Unified Threat Management device, but have you come across an STM – SIP Threat Management device, that is used to protect the IP PBX and IP Phones/Telephony infrastructure from threats/attacks? Here is a guest post by Martin Andre Strul of Allo.com, manufacturer of STM device, Analog/Digital Telephony cards, and Analog telephone adapters, VOIP gateways, PBX systems, IP Phones and more. What is STM and how it can help you secure your VOIP infrastructure? The STM – SIP Threat Management device, is installed in front of any SIP based PBX system or gateway and offers extra layers of security against numerous types of attacks that are targeted towards IP telephony infrastructure. The features offered by the STM complement those of a traditional firewall or UTM, and it can be installed in conjunction with a UTM. (more…)
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